Monday, January 19, 2009

Happy BIrthday Martin Luther King

Pieces of a Dream coming together today. It's a proud day to be an African American in America. For me, it's always been a proud day thanks to the dedication, and sacrifices that were made by others.\I did this drawing for the "Editorial Comment" Section of my local paper, "The Wave".


Steve said...

Fantastic Elgin!

Pat McMicheal said...

Hi Elgin, I remember way back during the democratic primaries that someone said Obama's mother was a white woman!
But now everyone is calling him an African American! If this is true, wouldn't he be the first Bi-Racial President? What's the real story?
I am sure he will be a magnificent President.

Elgin Subwaysurfer Bolling said...

Pat, Im in agreement with you, and there is no talk at all in the media about his mother being a white woman. I think to call attention to this objective fact, "ruins the magic" as they say in Disneyland to their cast members(thats employees) To say he is the First Biracial President seems to be more accurate, but in this country, your racial orientation tends to "be" "the race you predominately look like". Ive met biracials who look more distinctly white visually, and thus refer to themselves as such, and vice versa. Since he is Half Black as well, it's not wrong to say he is the first BLACK President as all, expecially to look at him visually he doesnt look like a caucasian. The real story is just what it is. America appears to have looked passed it's predjudices in this regard. Although there are undoubtely some who refused to vote for him purely because he WAS BLACK> In fact, one of my friends, a doctor, told me a story about one of his patients who refused to vote for him purely on that fact alone.