Tuesday, April 07, 2009

A woman with high self esteem

I apologize if Ive posted this pic before, I dont THINK I have.... I found this drawing in my portfolio, and it brought back memories of a Barmitzbah gig I did in Conn. for the lovely lady you see pictured here.

This woman was actually pretty attractive. and I dont normally exaggerate the host/hostess of the event, but I felt that she had the personality and the self esteem to 'take it" and it turns out she was delighted!

Some people, especially women I find cant "BEAR" to not be seen "looking beautiful" for ONE second, even if it's in a caricature. "dont draw my nose big" "leave out my double chin" the list goes on and on... then you get those people like this woman here who KNOWS who they are, what they REALLY look like and what a caricature is supposed to be about..... FUN!!! this is the FUN part!!!!
If I could only have more women who felt this way!

of course, maybe she hated it and threw it in the trash when I left.

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Chris said...


You have some serious talent! Thanks again for the call. It's good to connect with people of like faith and zaniness!