Thursday, October 08, 2009

Ariel, like You've Never seen her Before!

Here's an "artists Nude you're not likely to see anywhere...'

I remember watching this OLD "Bettie Davis" movie, "What ever happened to Baby Jane?" It's a hilarious dark drama comedy ( IMO) Starting Bettie Davis and Joan Crawford. Davis, is the aforementioned, "Baby Jane" a former child star whose star has long since faded along with her sanity. Davi literally terrorizes Crawford in the film, and it has some frighteningly hilarious moments. I began to think, what if DISNEY cartoon "child star" characters made "movie combacks" Even the more drop dead gorgeous stars look like they're about TO "drop Dead"when they get older, so little "Ariel" should be no exception! This pic was drawn originally in response to a "DRAW A MERMAID" topic that was posted on the weekly drawing site, "ART JUMBLE" As you might expect, everyone was drawing these sexy gorgeous mermaids, but being the MAD cartoonist that I am, my twisted mind had other ideas. In addition to Old Ariel, I also drew her gay Merman cousin, who wants to be a "little mermaid" and also another Ariel picture when she let herself "go" I will upload those later. I encourage artists to check out ART JUMBLE. Its a great site that will definitely FIRE UP your idea engine when you just dont know what to draw. I certainly wouldnt have thought to draw THIS on my own without their posting the topic.

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