Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Investigative reporting can be dangerous!! CARICATURES MOST WANTED LIST

Fellow caricature artist, Mark Z man and I were both feeling good on the caricature adrenalin rush we got after working another sucessful gig at Sardi's restaurant. As was my habit I started going up and down Times Square pointing out the caricature fakes, and snapping photos. We both stopped at this particular stand of one female Asian artist who had an unusually big display with caricature styles so varied that we both KNEW she couldnt have drawn all of them herself. I recognized the Superman and The Michael Jackson as immediately not being hers, and as I started to question her, and take pictures, she quickly put her hand up in front of the camera and walked quickly behind her stand, hoping we would go away and stop asking questions. When she saw that I refused to leave and was still taking pictures, all of a sudden, she came from behind her display brandishing a BIG white stick in my Direction! LOL! " hey man, I think she's gonna try and hit you!" Mark said, in shock as we both backed away. I snapped off a shot of her, and it looks like she's got a lightsaber in her hand! LOL!!! investigative reporting sure is dangerous!

Incidentally, that SUPERMAN caricature that little Con Artist had on her stand wad done by Golden Nosey Winner, CHRIS ROMMEL. The orginal can be seen HERE http://www.chrisrommel.com/christopher_reeve.htm


Klaas Op De Be├ęck said...

I can see Jan's mr been over there

Elgin Subwaysurfer Bolling said...

Klaas, your Uncle's Mr. Bean Pic is VERY popular among these caricature fakers. They've gotten SO brazen that now they're even displaying the SAME pictures on their stands even if they're right next to each other. And STILL the tourists practically JUMP into their chairs to bbe drawn not even questioning the fact that the final product they recieve looking NOTHING like what was advertized, which caused them to sit down in the first place! AAAAARRRRRGGGGHHHHHHHH dont get me started..... looks like you already did!