Tuesday, December 29, 2009


after looking at this video, you will never EVER EVER complain about a "crowded " New York City Subway train again!!!!

It would be impossible even for the talented SUBWAYSURFER himself to draw on this train!!!!

I once saw a Flintstones cartoon where conductors were literally pushing passangers into a packed train just like this!! life imitating art of vice versa? I guess in Japan your boss doesnt even wanna HEAR the excuse that you missed your train


Mel Lothrop said...

Every funny video...

When I was in Japan in 2000, you would see that scene every so often... Not so much at the larger depot, but usually at the smaller ones and usually in the morning when we were on our way to work.

Everybody's gotta be in a Gang said...

Those are Pushmen- what a crazy job to have!
There's a great collection of Gekiga by Yoshihiro Tatsumi called "The Pushman and other stories", and one of the stories is about a Pushman. It's a great read.