Tuesday, November 09, 2010

ipad cartoon of MR, LODGE from The Riverdale project

It seems that just about every lame cartoon comic series has to have a "spoiled rich family" who "lords " it over all of the other poorer families in whatever fictional town the story takes place in. The LODGES' consisting of Veronica and Mr. Lodge, ... Does he even HAVE a FIRST Name???? .. are Riverdale's resident rich folk.
As I've been doing this whole series, I've added my own psychological background twist to the character of the Mysterious "Mr. Lodge" and have come up with a few theories and of course, questions.
First question:
Was she accidentally shot in a bizarre hunting accident when the couple went tiger hunting in India? Was she a mistress who quietly got paid off as soon as Veronica was born? Or did she just flat out LEAVE because Mr. Lodge is a unbearable, power mad, money hungry jerk that she could no longer STAND to share the same mansion with? I kinda LIKE the Last assumption, so lets go with THAT one. Given how angry Lodge can get, and how spoiled Veronica is, that sounds more like the truth. Now if we're going to GO with THIS theory, we have to assume that the mysterious "MRS. LODGE " was equally self centered and selfish. After all, she saddled HIM with the KID to raise. The fact that Lodge is raising a girl alone is somewhat commendable.
Question two...
Where does his money come from??? I think Lodge made his money the old fashioned way.
Theres one more dirty secret about Mr. Lodge that seems glaringly obvious to me.
He doesn't REALLY have a LOT of Money... Not like he wants people to think.
Oh yeah, he has more mondy that your average working stiff who lives in Riverdale, but among his peers, "other rich folk" , I mean, He doesn't have a LOT of dough.

I mean, if he DID, then WHY IS VERONICA, HIS RICH DAUGHTER, ATTENDING PUBLIC SCHOOL??? I dont buy the fact that maybe Riverdale is "just a good school" Surely a man of Lodge's stature and wealth, would WANT his daughter, his ONLY CHILD, to have the BEST of EVERYTHING. School, would NOT just be a place to get an education and good grades, but to make connections that benefit one later on in life. In the world of the rich and famous, connections are EVERYTHING. Veronica is not likely to improve her lot in life by rubbing shoulders in the hallways of Riverdale High with the likes of Archie Andrews, and Jughead Jones.
Maybe Lodge just cant afford the big expensive prep school... maybe he's too busy giving out "hush money" to former mistresses, or paying alimony to former wives, or maybe, he's just TOO CHEAP to PAY for a great school for his only child.
Which ever way you slice it, he's one rotten guy.

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