Saturday, December 25, 2010

Subway caricature BIG WIFE LITTLE HUSBAND by subwaysurfer

Hilarious pic I drew of a couple on a manhattan bound R train. The wife was an Amazon. Tall blond, and very top heavy. By contrast, the nubby was short, slight, and thin. I imagined him literally getting lost under neath her top shelf,playing hide and seek. Incredibly the husband alerted to what I drew, and wanted the pic. The wife.... Was not as....happy. This is my color rendition of the pic.

Yes, folks, this is a shameless call to action, but if you enjoy this kind of fun stuff then why NOT get in on the fun yourself? caricatures like this one make for great gifts if the couple has a sense of humour and you want to get something that is unique and personalized. I can tailor this to any situation. All you need to do is contact with with the details at
Make sure to send me good jpeg photos of each of you, a list of your hobbies , jobs, favorite sayings, etc. Dont worry, I can come up with something funny and personalized.
And oh yeah, the price will be affordable, I promise!

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