Friday, February 03, 2012

BOOK REVIEW: SUBWAYSURFER Extreme life drawing on da train

Doing a plug here for the book I pulished featuring a collection of subway inspired drawings of mine during the 2006-2008 period. I was really into my extreme exaggeration drawing phase during this time, so the art reflects that. I use the mediums of pen and ink, graphite, colored pencils, and Prismacolor art stixx in the book, and there is some commentary. Hard copies can be obtained through and an EBOOK version is also available on ths site by going to the ebooks and products link on the right side f the blog page.

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Thomas said...

I'm curious, having never worked with Cafe Press. Can you post your product at other sales points, like Amazon, or sell via retail outlets? Does it get an ISB?

Also, have you seen the new Apple e-book making software that allows you to incorporate multimedia into the the project along with sound files etc? I think they allow you to sell them once they've passed some sort of review. I've got to upgrade to Lion on my MBP but I'm keen to give it a whirl.