Thursday, March 15, 2012


If making comics have fascinated, agitated, frustrated, and mystified you, have no fear, true believers, Subwaysurfer tells you hw to make comics, the easy way! This is part one two or three of a thirteen part series, the rest of which I encourage you to check out on my YouTube channel. In these talks I don't focus on the familiar mechanics of character design, page about and formatting techniques, or penciling and inking as other tutorials commonly cover. Instead, I focus on the intangibles, like getting ideas, and storyline creation, which I feel is even more important than the actual drawing aspect.

My theme throughout these videos, is that we all have compelling, thought provoking stories that we can and should share with the world. Hope you not only tune in, but practice what I'm preaching here!

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Anonymous said...

Great video subwaydude. XOXO LewisOne