Saturday, March 01, 2008

My ugly mug ... AGAIN

For all you gunslingers out there who need a CURRENT picture of me to do , HERE it is... again. I posted this originally on this blog in 2006. Here it is again.
Post it on your blog and tell me so I can come lookin for ya!


Dan said...

I drew ya, go check it out on my blog. It's not great, but I plan on doing a redo soon.
Maybe you could post a higher quality pic so I can really study your features.
Let me know if you want some pics of my mug.

AB2UH said...

I am blown away by your art. I was so glad to meet you and your lovely wife at Concordia the other day. You sir are one talented individual!

Elgin Subwaysurfer Bolling said...

Dan, that's a great first attempt,but definitely lookin forward to the re-do!!! take your time on it dude, and dont draw "the obvious" ... you figure out what that means....heh, heh!
ERIC!!! Dude! you really looked at the site! Man, you didnt know HOW bad I wanted to draw your mug yesterday, but the wife would've had another baby! LOL! you gotta send me a GOOD picture of you. Hope you're brave enough though... cause I "aint nice!"