Friday, February 29, 2008

Alberto Gonzalez(bert5693) Caricature

After calling my style "Badass" Fellow Caricature artist, Alberto Gonzalez(check his blog out HERE asked-slashe-challenged, me to do his caricature. After going to his site, I found a face that was hard to resist!It wasnt as easy as I thought it would be though and took a couple of drawings to get it just right. Hope ya like it Al!
I drew this with a 6b woodless graphite pencil, a number 2,and a q tip!


Steve said...

Looks GREAT!

bert5693 said...

dude!!! thats its... BADASS!!!(you'll find me sayin that alot) your style is ver very cool and it reminds me to one of my very favorite artist, chalres carrocetto, which i want to get to draw like him... or in this case you, so how long have you been caricaturing for? im a rookie over at busch gardens , Fl and i love jacking faces up, i hope to see ya at the con. oh and the revenge shall be sweet ill look up your face in the forum.

Elgin Subwaysurfer Bolling said...

Glad you like it dude! and definitely get your revenge on me... every one else has had a party on my face. You can probably still find it at the forum.
Send me a link to that artist you mentioned, chalres carrocetto, I wanna check him out for sure now!
You guys who get to do the theme park gig are mad lucky! I dont have that advantage here in NYC. I been caricaturing a while but just got GOOD about a year ago I think due to the mad inspiration with the NCN crew, plus a lotta hard work. I got a lot of help from Roger Hurtado and Glenn Fergueson I steal whatever I can from em! dont tell em though.... The NCN literally FORCES you to get better or get buried!

bert5693 said...

well my friend i posted your face both in the ncn forum and my blog, the bad news are that charles, sorry about the typo before, doesnt have a blog or a site.... but he once won second place in the best exagerated style at the ncn con... im pretty sure it was 2006, umm bt you can go on my blog and check out sean gardner, amazing stuff and a flare of charles stuff... well bud keep in touch and hope to see you at the con

Dan said...

wow look at those EYEBROWS!!!
i'm gonna take a swing at you elgin, i'll post it on my blog in the near future!