Saturday, April 26, 2008

Coors Brewing Compnay Porter House Gig SPECIAL Shout out to Thomsons Art Supply Inc

Overall the praty was great . A lot of the guys got drunk really fast and began requesting my WILD caricatures. They were literally THROWING eacth other in the hair to be drawn. I managed to get some shots of what I did , but as usual I was more into the drawing than the photography. I will get better...

Very very SPECIAL shout out to the folks at

Thomsons Art Supply Inc.
Located at

184 Mamaroneck Avenue
White Plains, NY 10601

It was like a dream come true. RIGHT across the street from my gig was this fantastic art store. Not only was the store very well stocked, but the staff was professional and courteous. Phil I draw primarily in pencil and Phil turned me on to the creatacolor NERO black lead for my mechanical pencil and let me tell you it's by far the DARKEST lead Ive ever used. It was perfect for my line drawing as these drawings are evidence.
According to the blurb on their website,the store is Centrally located in downtown White Plains, New York, Thomson's Art Supply has been serving the Westchester art community for over 75 years. Our 2 story establishment is overflowing with the finest artist materials, drafting supplies, hobby equipment and much more. By catering to the specialized professional and local art student base, we are able to provide the neighborhood with an extensive range of art resources.

My only regret is that the store is NOT in my neighborhood, but definitely worth the comute to get to!


Josh Howell said...

So, got any tips on how one can break into doing charicatures? Any reading material or websites maybe?

Elgin Subwaysurfer Bolling said...

You learn it by DOING it, again and again. No easy answer Your'll suck at first, but one day if you dont stop you'll just "get it". There are no courses in how to "see objectively" or on how to "draw funny" unfortunately. You also learn by checking out other people's work that you like... hmmm, like THIS website for instance, LOL! and also some of the places I have listed on the side.

Josh Howell said...

thanks man,lol, I always check your site for inspiration, I just started doing caricatures, I dont think they are very good, but Im tryin my

Josh Howell said...

Thanks for the tips, I'll do just that. Ill post some of my first ones, maybe you can critique me a little bit, if you have the time.