Saturday, April 26, 2008

Subway Caricatures 3:30pm Manhattan Bound A

I had a great gig yesterday for The Coors Beer Brewing Company at the Porter House Bar/Restaurant 169 Mamaroneck Ave in White Plains. I Did my usual "warm up" on unsuspecting commuters (heh heh) on my way over. The train was unusually crowded for an afternoon, but I managed to squeeze off a couple of "shots" here they are! BANG! BANG! Drawing on a very crowded train is always a challenge because people are constantly shifting catch their balance and avoid other passengers, and often times someone can step right infront of your victim and abstruct your view. Another added element is that sometimes my neighbors want to talk to me about the picture, or about how their cousin, aunt , grandmother, dog draws pictures too. This soetimes alerts my subject to my prescence and totally ruins the picture. I had to sketch these drawings in about 1 minute. The guy took a little longer as I kept going back to his face to modify it.

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