Monday, April 21, 2008

NEW YORK CITY COMIC CON 2008!!! Kyle Baker

Kyle Baker, like Lar , is also one of my mentors (you're allowed to have as many as you want in the United States) Ive always like the way he "lets his cartoons be cartoons" Hilariously drawn with impossible anatomical proportions, Kyle is a caricature artist at heart, whether he knows it or not. His clean , lyrical style has the feel of an animated cell drawing frozen in time. Its a joy to look at.

IMO he was the first artist who got Plastic man "right" in terms of look and style, and his autobiographical comic series, The Bakers,really hits close to home being a family man myself.

I bumped into Kyle, his wife and daughter just as they were packing up from Artists Ally. The moment I saw hi I didnt really see "him" I saw his cartoon of himself. Kyle's cartoon persona reminds me of those characters that were drawn on those old "RAID" Roach commercials....
Dont be mad at me for sayin that Kyle!

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