Sunday, July 13, 2008

Buxom Beauty and China Doll line drawings on the subway

Had fun with these two. At the risk of sounding cliched,"sometimes you just need to know where to draw the line" LITERALLY, in my case! Reaching into my Hirschfeld roots, I went for pure line quality, using Pitt artist brush pens and Tombo brush pens, on the China Doll, and using a crayola marker for the Buxom Beauty with the curly locks,and big Betty Davis Eyes. I wanted these to have a lively, spontaneous quality, so I drew these two ladies as fast as I could. No pre draw, no net. In the subway folks move so fast, you have to be very decisive regarding where your line is going to be. This can sometimes be a terrifying experience for artists who like to be perfectionists.

I find that simple line drawing caricatures like this are perfect to use as social media avatars, or logos. They are elegant, and classy. Please contact me so that I can ake one fr you. Prices are very reasonable.

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