Sunday, July 13, 2008

Takin care of old skool bizness....

I found this caricature hiding between the page3s of an old pad and it brought back all the old feelings i had when i drew it I caught this old skool bizness man going to the job on wall street, carrying hisbriefcase, his wall street journal, and wearing his blue "power suit" he looked haggard and worn,amd a little overweitht, not at all like the slick, athletic, cell phone carrying 20-30 something Yuppie go getters you see all the time in the city. Seeing this old guy made me wonder if guys like him even "exist " anymore4 in corporate America. You never really get to see these old guys anymore in the office, at least Ive never seen them in all of the corporate gigs Ive worked in recent years.

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