Friday, September 19, 2008

2:00 in the AM and Im drawing caricatures?

What can i say? when the muse hits you , you got to go for it! Now its time for bed... got these outta my system... gotta get up in three hours to go to a GIG!!!!

These days instead of doing an all out caricature on the train i will do a gesture drawing or a detailed thumbnail and then tear it up when i get home like I did here. The pic at the top of the Arab gentlemen with the hairy lipp kept my fellow passsenger entertained for a couple of stops . The Man I was drawing didnt quite know why we were both looking at him smiling.... that teenage boy with the buck teeth was looking at a homeless man who told a tale of woe that was so shocking that the youth was literally staring at him in slack jawed shock. Needless to say, he gave the man a coupla dollars as he passed by... me, i kept drawing. The two homeboyes were hilarious as always... tring to look SOOOOOOOOO tough that they look like caricatures fo the moods they are tring to embody. Boy do I love the train.

After a lot of practice, using Tom Richmonds,Joe Bulum,Sean Gardner, and Glenn Fergueson's work as inspiration, Im finally beginning to draw teeth a little better and its adding to the caricature. These guys are masters at drawing TEETH.

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Everybody's gotta be in a Gang said...

Yeah, teeth are definitely important in capturing the individuality of a person. It's something I've also tried to concentrate on over the years- especially with the live stuff. I always get my subjects to smile so I can see their teeth.
Great sketches, Elgin.