Friday, September 19, 2008

Taka Watanabe caricature by Subwaysurfer

Just finished this sketch of japanese caricature whiz, Taka Watanabe who posted his mug on the firing squad at the NCN forum and dared me to take a shot. I did and this is waht came out. BANG!!! Taka is a fantastic artist whose work you can see by clicking on this name on the right side of the ole blog here. Take a look at his stuff you'll be adding him to your faves list!

I drew this with a bic 0.7 mechanical pencil on tracing paper. I forgot how great tracing paper is to draw on. It takes to pencil beautifully, you can shade easily with it,correct mistakes immediately, and best of all work on the opposidte side and even out proportions.
I originally planned to draw it on cardstock like I usually do but after playing around with the image on tracing paper, I thought the sketch looked fine the way it was, and didnt want to ruin it by overworking it.