Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Mass Transist Caricature madness! Somebody stop me!!!

There are days on the train when the caricatures practically draw themselves! Man! if i didnt get paid to do this i wouls still do it for the sheer joy of capturing the souls of these people on paper!
I especially liked the tall black gentlemen on the bottom... he had the vibe of a certain presidential candidate.... maybe he was going for that look. I noticed also that with the small black fedora he had a frank sinatra or Run DMC thing going too. This is also my fave because he came walking by so fast that I had to do a very quick gesture drawing of him. As a result I gat this delicious mouth watering design that sort of pops.The Indian lady had eyes SO wide open I swear she didnt seem to blink. It was almost like she was a bird of prey looking for some rodent to pounch on.... Needless to say i didnt make eye contact..... This other dude had a head that looked like he was hiding another person inside it, and the chick with the glasses had this look on her face that said: Damn! i cant see! My prescription is NOT working!!!!

My tool of choice for all of these was a good ole CHEAP 0.7 Deposable Big Mechanical Pencil.... it AINT the tool people.....

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Everybody's gotta be in a Gang said...

Those are some good ones, Elgin- I especially like the guy with the hat. Good design on the page with that one.