Wednesday, September 24, 2008

There's no one to draw???!!! YYYYYAAAAA!!!!

Most of you think that whenever I go subwaysurfing, I just sit down and caricature whoever is in front of me... NOOOOOOOO!!!!!! That is definitely NOT the case. I am like a lion in the jungle. I dont just randomly choose a zebra just because it has stripes and happens to be near me.... Each victim is carefully scouted and has that particular "something" that says Draw me!!! In the course of a train ride i can usually find several. Except yesterday.... i couldnt find ANYONE! i couldnt believe that no one was interesting enough to draw! i knew I had to upload SOMETHING or risk having my loyal fans click onto another blog and forever abandon mine. So I drew ANOTHER self portrait of myself madd as hell that i couldnt find someone to draw. i always wondered how I'd look with a nose and tongue ring, so i threw those in there too...

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