Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Ah, the continuing episodes of me and my Pit Bull Butchie. Butchie DOES have this distracting habit of footlicking that drives me crazy, and as for me... well... I added the part about me for comic effect lets say! LOL! I guess the LESSON in todays cartoon has a lot to do with the human tendency to find fault in others but be ignorant to the faults of the man or woman in the mirror. We really think the things we do are "hidden" but as my grandmother used to say, "someone ALWAYS sees you!" even if it's just God.Jesus told a parable once about a person trying to remove a speck outta the eye of someone all the while having a beam(of wood) stukk in his own eye. He advised that the person first take the beam outta his own eye first so he could see clearly to take the speck outta his brothers eye. Knowing your own faults first keeps you humble. Hope you enjoy the cartoon.

Honestly though, my dog's licking is so loud and furious that it has literally woken me an my wife outta our sleep at night!

It's really old advice but i really encourage anyone who wants to make comics to look at the little mundane things that happen everyday in your life and start from there. It certainly has freed up my imagination.

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