Tuesday, March 03, 2009

"I hate riding the train at midnight"

Im still at the studio healing and doing my comics with all the spare time i have. I am LOVING it. I did this one last night, and was almost giddy uploading it.

Some caricatures just stick with you. I drew this picture a few weeks back of this solitary woman riding the train and midnight unescorted. I felt there was a potential story here but couldnt put my finger on what it should be. After taking to a friend of mine, a petite woman who did a lot of late night subway commuting herself, I came up with a story with her in mind. The woman I caricatured here even is wearign one of my friend's "signature" berets. This srory, I hate taking the train at Midnight, is dedicated to all you intrepid female subway riders.

I consider Robert Crubm, to be THE best New York City Cartoon artists, so this work was also drawn with a "Crumb Vibe" Crumb, as Ive said in earlier posts is one of my influences.
Enjoy and please comment!


Chris Collins said...

Elgin, I think you are really hitting the mark here, putting these characters in their natural habitat! It's got a certain "joie de Crumb" and the way that dude is holding the jimmy reminds me of how Jack Davis drew hands with SO much impact. I love it, man!

Elgin Subwaysurfer Bolling said...

Hey Chris! MAN that was a scary FASSSST response! I just uploaded this thing! LOL!
I thought about putting my caricature characters in their natural habitat to add some type of context to my drawings. Im really into doing comics now, and have tons of stories, which all need illustrating. Most faces Ive drawn cause me to free associate anyway, so I figure I will just see where my imagination takes me. Im enjoying the ride as much as everyone else is!!

Niall O loughlin said...

Made me laugh!