Monday, June 15, 2009

Metro North Railroad babe and L train Babe

They're both a little old to be called "babes" technically, but maybe it depends on your age perspective! i aint gettin any younger ya know! The first pic is of a lady I sat INCHES across from on a Grand Central Bound Metro North train returning from Crestwood, NY this weekend. She was so excited about the possible acquisition of a new house she was buying with her husband seated next to her, that she didnt seem to notice me sketching her. I tried by best to get him in the picture too, btu he made driect eye contact with me EVERYtime I looked in his direction. I was pretty lucky to get his wife without him saying a word of protest.

The lady at the bottom was going out on a night on the town with her husband. I caught her on the L train that I had to catch back into Manhattan that same evening. On the weekends, the trains are terrible here in NYC so you often have to take a train that goes out of your way, just to get to your destination. Since i live in the Rockaways, it's always a great adventrue getting home on the weekend.I initially sketched these pictures on 9X12 paper in my trustie, "BIGGIE" Sketchbook. I did the inking and the coloring today. I HATE to admit it, but I actually outline it with a dreaded....ugh.... SUPER SHARPIE Marker!!! There I said it!!!

For those of you who dont know why Im gagging, it's only because no self respecting caricature artist would ever be caught dead using a SHARPIE makeer, and to use one spells "beginner" more times than not. Fellow Caricature artist, Speedster, Adam Pate swears by them, but ive always been partial to Tombo Brush Pens and Pitt Brush pens for my linework.
Recently, I was forced to use a SUPER Sharpie at a gig when my other markers dried up on me. I found that I liked the feel of it in my had, it bave me a consistant flow of ink, and was avaiable in most stationary stores. It's slowly becoming one of my favorites! although it is kinda sucky for doring hair. I still will use the brush pens for that.

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