Monday, June 15, 2009

Life Drawing at Dr. Sketchy's NYC

I attended a Dr. Sketchy's Life drawing class along At Kenly Dillard's and Laurie Edmond's urging, a few months back, and couldnt resist caricaturing the model over and over. If you're not familiar with Dr. Sketchy's format, there's a lot of loud music, and the artist models dress in these elaborate, sometimes outlandish costumes and pose on stage for five ten, and fifteen minute poses. In this particular section, this lovely lady for posing with a midget companion, but he wasnt interesting enough for me to include him in the shot. The music often adds inspiration, as always to what i am drawing and when the record, great balls of fire came on, the joke came naturally. The Host was interesting to draw also, in his black suit, as was the Bald artist next to me with the BIIIIIIIIIIIIGGGGG sketchpad.

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