Monday, July 06, 2009

My Favorite Michael Jackson Memory

When I had you
I treated you bad I’m wrong my dear
And ’cause it says you been away

Don’t you know I sit around
With my head hanging down
And I wonder who’s lovin’ you
I should have never, ever
Ever made you cry
And cause it says you been gone

Life with out love, huh...
It’s oh so lonely
I don’t think I’m gonna make it

All my life, I’ve been lost to you only
Come on & take it girl
Come on & take it, because....
All, all I can do since you’ve been gone is cry
And do you ever wonder or worry
Your feeling hurt like I do

This is my old time favorite Michael Jackson song. What I love about it was that I heard it when I was about nine years old. I could NOT believe that a child close to my own age could sing a song with such raw emotion and pathos that I felt like a much older man was singing it. Mike was able to get soooooo much INSIDE that song that he didnt just SING it, he made you FEEL it, expecially the last note when he goes up in the stratasphere with that incredibly beautiful falsetto. I knew, like so many others in my generation, that good things, better things were going to follow, and in the decades that did, he never disappointed. I'm proud to say that ive ALWAYS been his fan even with all the years of self destructive wierd behavior. His music served as a backdrop to a lot of the way I was feeling. I'll alwasys remember him for that.

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