Friday, February 12, 2010

Emmet Wigglesworth

I will always remember the day that I got off the train at Union Street on the R line en route to an appointment, and knowing me, in a rush to get to my destination. I remember stopping dead in my tracks , in front ot the Union Street sign, where I came face to face with Emmet WIgglesworth's subwaymural. I was familiar with his work and recognized the style instantly. Wigglesworth;s famaliar theme of figures juxtaposed together in a maze of afrocentric faces invoked images of ancient African tribal masks and woocarvings, elongated fingers and arms covered with mesmerizing black and white patterns.... It was classic Wigglesworth, and I could only stand there reminiscing our meeting years ago. Back in the day, I lived for a time in the Bushwich section of Brooklyn, and although I cant for the life of me remember how I found this out, but I discovered that Wmmet Wigglesworth lived within walking distance of my house, so with the impeturousness that only a young person could have, I called his home, and within minutes was seated there in his living room discussing his career, and my art. I was very inexperienced back then, was newly married, and had a passion for art, but didnt know where or how to channel it. I will always be grateful for Mr. Wigglesworth opening up his HOME to a young artist who was a total stranger, and sharing his time with me. For a while I even imitated his bold black and white afrocentric abstract stylings, until I discovered my "own voice" . I guess you can say in a sense, Wigglesworth was instrumental in teaching me how to walk.

I look forward to the day that I can be just as gratious to a young artist.

Go to UNION STREET on the R Line in Brooklyn to see his work. You wont be dissapointed.

Check out this youtube clip of Wigglesworth "droppin' some serious science" on The Advertising Industry and how it affects self esteem.

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