Friday, April 30, 2010


Hey Surfer Fans! If you live in the NEW YORK Area, are a fan of this blog, and always wondered, "how does he DO that???" Now here's your chance to find out How eye Dew whut I Dew.

Starting in June, Monday Nights, I will be teaching at HUNTER COLLEGE a course entitled, WHAT EVERY ANIMATOR NEEDS TO KNOW (What Flash cant Teach you) In this course you will be learning MY approach to sequential art, character design and development, caricature and most of all how to THINK like an animator. Registration is happening NOW so go to the link listed below to guarantee your seat!

What Every Animator Needs to Know (What Flash Can't Teach You)
Flash may have enabled animators to make great movies and faster and more cost effective and does a lot of great things- except the one thing the animator needs. It can't teach you how to draw! This course not only teaches you how to draw as it relates to animation, but also how to think like an animator.

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