Friday, August 27, 2010

Awesome corporate gig at the Penthouse

I was sitting on the top of the world drawing at a swank corporate penthouse last night for a leading financial company in NYC. There was a gorgeous penthouse view that over looked the river that made drawing an absolute joy. Weather was VERY good. Not too hot not too windy and NO rain in sight! It was a blast. I can honestly say that i didn't draw ONE bad caricature the whole night. Here are a few of the folks that had fun. Now if you're wondering how I got these pics it's because I IMMEDIATELY drew two pictures of the subject. Ono for them and one for me. Funny thing is I really had to fight to keep my pictures as the guests wanted em both! LOL

The thing I like best about drawing caricatures at corporate gigs is seeing people relax and have a great time, EVEN the boss. I have the advantage of not knowing the boss in the sense that the employees do, and can put him on "equal footing" as the "rest of the victims" I often hear comments like, "draw him nice, remember he's the one paying you!" from the crowd, but I really think that in these situations the boss likes to get treated like everyone else at the event. After all, he's at the party to have fun TOO!. Now that DOESN'T mean I go out of the way to make the boss the "butt of the joke" that would be in poor taste, and I DON'T. I try to feel out the crowd and after so many years of doing this I can tell pretty accurately who really WANTS an extreme exaggeration and who doesn't. My goal is always to get a good likeness whatever Im doing and if I get THAT I'm satisfied. Exaggeration is just icing on the cake.

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