Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Maybe you're one of those folks who had a carefree childhood where you never got your lunch money taken, your hair pulled, your glasses broken, or laughed at when you walked by a group of kids in the playground.... But I wasnt. I was a victim of Bullies on a DAILY basis, and led a "charlie brown like" existence throughout childhood. I had this hope that when I grew up, BULLIES would be a thing of the past. I thought Bullying was an immature childish behavior much like excessive whining and bed wetting. With maturity and training it would vanish along with other childish things.... at a recent party I was reminded once again how bullis just "grow up" to become "beautiful people". I was drawing caricature at a party where just about everyone looked like they were coming from, or going to a photo shoot. It was a blast. These folks were successful, rich, had great careers, AND were good looking. They appeared to have it all. Yeah, ALL but one thing...another opportunity to make someone "less beautiful" the butt of a joke. One woman asked me to draw the ugliest creepiest looking caricature face of a woman I could think of and give it to her. When I asked what it was for, she gleefully replied, , "Oh, there's this REALLY UGLY woman at our job who couldn't be here tonight, so wehn we hang the pictures in the office tomorrow we want to hang "HER" picture there too and say, "look you weren't at the party , but you were AT the party"
I felt a twinge of anger flare up, but kept my composure and quietly declined, stating it would be right or fair to make fun of someone who wasn't there.

Was it any wonder why she didn't come to the party? I bet she didn't feel welcome in the office either.
That night, catching bits and pieces of conversation I was struck how these folks were busy patting themselves on the back for a successful financial year while most New Yorkers were standing in unemployment lines and wondering where their next meal was coming from. I also thought about the poor "ugly woman" had been as MUCH of a contributor to the success of the company's financial stregth, and yet for what ever reason didnt feel comfortable enough to come to the party...
They never really grow up do they?
Im glad I took a stand NOT to be part of this nonsense, and in some small way, by refusing to do a picture, I felt I did MY part in stopping the whole bullying cycle..

But before I pat MYSELF on the back TOO fast, there was a brief moment, im sorry to say when I wanted to draw the picture... where I wanted to be thought of as popular and "cool" for having done it. Im glad that I resisted the urge. Maybe that's the CURSE of the beautiful people. They ALL want to remain in the same club, and some are afraid to break out for fear of becoming one of the ugly ones...

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