Friday, September 17, 2010


Sorry about all the commercials folks,and THANK YOU FOR YOUR PATIENCE. Let me tell you FIRST of all, if I've NEVER told you before that I LOVE and APPRECIATE you as an audience. You have helped by your faithful attendance and tuning in daily to make SUBWAYSURFER BLOGGG one of the most watched Blogs online. Your viewership has prompted me to draw more and more and improve my craft as an artist, and I THANK YOU for it.

Iv been putting up a lot of ads lately because quite frankly I HATE to be a member of the starving artists club. It aint fun, and Ive seen enough subway derelicts to know that people would just as soon throw me on the third rail in front of an express train than give me quarters if I start begging on the trains... thus, the need and the desire to do a little self promotion here.

This blog WILL NOT turn into another "MARKETING BLOG" a way to "make money" That would be disrespectful to YOU the viewers.Rest assured that you can look forward to the same zany drawings of those crazy NYC commuters that Ive been entertaining you with for years.

Im beginning to see a couple of other "subwaysurfers" on the web these days, and that's cool I guess. I didn't invent drawing on the trains... but I SURE AS HECK PERFECTED IT! so stay tuned here! the best is yet to come...

And if you LIKE the art, and some of the things I'm offering, than by all means,


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