Wednesday, October 13, 2010

In search of the right Ipad Stylus...

It didnt take me very long to discover that the POGO STYLUS is NOT the best tool for drawing. It starts OUT well enough, fresh out of the box, and is good for about an hour of drawing, but its all downhill from there, IMO. The point of it literally drags across the screen, and is reminiscent of a giant cue tip. It just doesnt FEEL like a pen in your hand , and when I would hold my stylus at certain angles It had difficulty making a mark.

Needless to say, I am in search, like so many digital artists, who have come before, of the PERFECT  STYLUS! at least for ME.  I'm currently viewing as much material as I can on the subject, and of course I want the cost to be as minimal as possible, BUT am willing to "spend the money" just to find something that works.
For those of you who are ALSO looking, Maybe you may find the info below useful.
Gee... is it just ME, or did I actually make myself look like a Baby Gorilla in the caricature I drew of myself???

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