Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Party caricature of hair designer, MINISTA JAZZ by subwaysurfer

"Minister Jazz" was one of the fascinating guests I met/drew at a Party by my agent at Party Art Productions "Minister Jazz" had Fabulous hair and as she sat down I could not wait to draw her. When she turned to the side, Ito my amazement, it was partially bald, except for the word, "BOLD" that was shaved, on the side. I put down my drawing for a moment and quizzed her about the hair.  She explained to me that the word was NOT shaved but written into her scalp with a marker. She explained that everyday she gave her self "an intention:" or word of intent or affirmation which she wanted to embody that day, and also to communicate to others what she was feeling/intending. I found that to be fascinating  that a person would have that much commitment to their art using themselves as the ultimate art object.

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