Sunday, November 21, 2010

EARTH, WIND & FIRE REASONS Singing Techniques by Erik Dillard reported by subwaysurfer

There are a lot of non singing people online these days claiming to be "vocal coaches"... Ladies and Gentlemen, ERIK DILLARD is NOT one of them.
If you follow this blog of mine, you know that one of the subwaysurfer's many talents in addition to cartooning and caricature are spoken word and vocal singing. Erik Dillard is a coach I discovered online a couple of months back, I used many his exercises contained on his Erik Dillard Vocal Clinic youtube channel to supplement my live, offline vocal training, and have been more than pleased with the results, as my coach would agree!

I did a series of cartoons and caricatures for Erik as well that you can check out online, but let me tell you more about this amazing guy. First and foremost, he is one of those rare teachers who is genuinely concerned with YOUR development as a vocalist, and is willing to work with you to achieve your goals whatever they are. Erik has an engaging, gregarious personality that isn't so strong that it overwhelms you, but puts you at ease immediately. As I mentioned also, Erik Can REALLY sing. I know this shouldn't even be a point that should be made, but there are a couple of other vocal coaches online, who, although fine teachers, leave you feeling cold when they open their mouths to demonstrate. It's like me, the subwaysurfer, trying to tell you, the viewer, how to draw caricatures, when I am unable to draw a straight line....

On his Erik Dillard Vocal Clinic channel, he breaks down in detail many of the most popular songs, and a few from the past, and gives concrete advice on how YOU can attack the song vocally. and what you need to focus on. I personally love the way Erik takes the "mystery" out of singing, and demonstrates WHAT a singer is doing to achieve certain effects, and shows you HOW. The site is jammed packed with vocal drills exercises, and motivational advice that will enable you to follow your dream of being a singer, whether in front of an audience, or your shower head!

I've been at Erik for months, begging him to break down Phillip Bailey's Soaring falsetto vocal style, and it was worth the wait!

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