Sunday, May 22, 2011

The 5 Stages Of Getting Your Caricature Done For the First Time

 At this Stage we finally see ourselves through the eyes of the caricature artist, and realize for the first time, we are not as good looking as we think we are.

In a lame effort to fool ourselves we insist that the artist that drew us is blink, nearsighted , or crazy. Phrases like,"THATS NOT ME!"  are accompanied by fits of rage and rising blood pressure. This is a dangerous stage for the offending artist who must be wary of blows, spittle bullets flying in his/her direction

Once past the intense energy of the Anger Denial stage the subject falls into a state of mind numbing shock and hopelessness. At this stage all he can do is stare aimlessly at the caricature drawing. He reluctantly sees points of recognition and is coming to terms with the possible resemblance on the page being accurate. This stage is unpredictable and can last for several minutes or days in some cases.

At this stage , your customer's skin may take on a bluish tinge, it's where we get the expression, "having the blues" At this stage, your customer has come to the awful realization that he is IN FACT , NOT as good looking as he previously thought and acted for years, and realizes that he must now change his entire world view and self concept.He feels a sense of hopelessness knowing that plastic surgery is not an option  and is not covered by his insurance plan. This is a dangerous time for the customer as he might throw himself headlong into traffic, or impail himself on your magic marker. bouts of intense weeping and gnashing of teeth are not unusual at this stage.If the customer can get past THIS stage he will make a startling breakthrough...

At THIS stage, the customer realizes that he is just as funny looking as every other human on this big blue marble. He comes to the realization that God MUST have a sense of humour, otherwise how could a face such as HIS possibly exist!? He begins to LOVE his imperfections and glory in his own personal uniqueness that no one else has! He begins to feel good about himself again, THIS time with the realization that he is NOW relating to his TRUE self, not an idealized concept. He begins to feel superior in that knowledge  knowing that the "average human" is still in the dark and that HE is now smarter! THIS makes him feel even BETTER! At THIS stage, he can now appreciate the awesome talent of the caricature artist in the first place and glory in the technique demonstrated.

Very few people get to THIS  transcendent stage, but for those who do, some of THEM end up not only having a fantastic time at parties and special events, but some go on to even  become caricature artists themselves! We are, after all, an enlighted group!

Have Elgin SUBWAYSURFER  Bolling  Take you safely through the five stages by inviting him to draw at your next party! dont just trust ANYONE to do this! leave that to the professionals! that way you dont get hurt! 
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Emily Anthony said...

Great post! People really do go through those stages!

vhpayes said...

I wish everyone would make it to stage 5!

Elgin Subwaysurfer Bolling said...

That's why we have to help em along.... Feel free to repost, or referee this on your own blogs.. I actually went through these
E stages the first time I was ever truthfully caricatured. It happened on a NYC street 42nd street where Ken Dillard was drawing. I'll never forget my reaction, though I hid it from him, I was furious, then depressed, and I went home that night and came to terms with it, and myself. It really was very liberating.