Monday, January 24, 2011

JACK LA LANNE RIP by subwaysurfer

Elgin Bolling I'm telling my age, now.. But as a kid I remember the first time I say anybody doing jumping jacks, it was when Jack did it. He did the exercise at the beginning and ending of his show, and I remember doing it with him! Jack was, for many of us old timers, our initial introduction into fitness
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Elgin Bolling Jack was unique in that he gave practical inexpensive fitness exercises using your own bodyweight, and simple household items, like chairs, books, and water bottles to create resistance. Not only that, but he gave nutritional advice, as well as strategies to enhance mental fitness. The guy had this holistic approach to wellness, and was able to consistently communicate it in 30 minute segments.
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Elgin Bolling The fact that he was able to articulate and demonstrate simultaneously, and naturally, made him a media darling. In today's technological, YouTube,era, we take for granted, when Jack did this, back in the day, the medium of television was still relatively new. Jack wrote the script, in my Opinion, of how to effectively do an infomercial.
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Elgin Bolling Due to his own personal branding strategy, by the time he introduced his fitness studios, he already had a core group of potential customers. What a marketing genius he was, and just for staying consistent with a simple idea.

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