Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Man, I was SOOOOOOO Hyped from the days events at the Comic Con, and Drink and Draw At Dempseys Bar that i could NOT turn OFF! LOL! I started caricaturing everything in sigh practically on the return trip home! LOL! Here are some of the best pics.  It felt good to go old skool again, not using the ipad but good old reliable pen and ink, and also pencil. I used a Tombo Brush Pen, and a Number Two Pencil  to put these together.

obviously , this is the Pencil Drawing. The gentlemen I was drawing was so dignified and Dapper, he actually called for a pencil treatment. He realized what I was doing and patiently posed and smiled for me. I wanted to give him the caricature, but before i could finish the hair, he arrived at his stop and was gone.

Folks, if you like what I can do drawing people who are UNAWARE that Im drawing them, just imagine what I can do when Im intentional focused with a willing client. That could be YOU!. If you liked the look of these pen and ink and pencil caricatures, then you can get your OWN done personally!. Just email me at
send me at least a front and side view pic of you, along with a list of your favorite hobbies, sayings, jobs etc. and I will have your caricature back to you faster thatn you can say.... well, whatever it is that you do say when something is done fast. Looking forward to hearing from you!

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Tel said...

Magic stuff Elgin - miss your 'subway updates' on the 'ol ISCA forum - take care mate !!!