Tuesday, May 17, 2011

When Somebody Believes in you

I love my life as a professional artist. It offers me a lot of rewards. Most people dread coming to work, dealing with the grind, the calls, the same old routine. For me, every work day is a new challenge. Whether I am doing a character design for a film,  drawing avatars for the next great internet mogul, or laughing with corporate execs in plush NYC Penthouses, my art has taken me places far beyond my expectations, and I look forward to even higher heights.
But it wast always that way.
Like most artists,I was  just the lonely nerdy kid who "could draw" People took me for granted, used my talent when it was convenient for them, and pretty much disposed of me  when it was time to play their reindeer games.I might have even given it up at one point if not for my cousin John.  Cousin John affirmed me a LOT as a kid. His door was always open and while he had children of his own, he always made me feel welcome and treated me like a son. John was fascinated watching me draw and encouraged me my whole life, pushing me to do better, and better.I think abotu John often but neglected visiting him  due to the distance separating us. One day a few weeks back I was working a gig near his Brooklyn home , and inspire of a torrential downpour I made the trip to his house. John was glad to see me as always, and we spoke for hours just as easily as we had always done. It was like I never left.Following a pause in our conversation, John pointed to two pictures on the wall, stating that he still had my masterpieces. To my shock John had framed two black and white pieces that Id  drawn well over twenty years ago when I was still searching for an art identity. He framed them because , he said, he knew the value of them, and said they were his favorite pictures. He then took them out of the frames made two photocopies for me, and sent me on my way with a present so valuable that I dont  have words to describe it  He Believed in me. Even before I believed in myself. Thanks John.

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