Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The Caricature Comic Connection! Character Design Ebook is out!

Its finally here, caricature /comic fans! the companion Ebook To my lecture at the April 20th Big City  Drink and Draw session held at Jack Demspeys.  This 33 page Ebook covers with words and pictures the concepts spoken about in the lecture on how to use caricature to create compelling comic characters for graphic novels and comics.The book covers different storytelling methods you can use to overcome writers block, as well as step by step instruction of how to draw live in public settings. ( The art of DIPP. Drawing In Public Places) Of course the hook is jammed packed with lots of great art done live on the Subways of New York City, and other public venues. A must have book for any comic /caricature enthusiast interested in adding more power to their character designs.Buy your copy for only $5.00!


In his new E-Book, "The Caricature/Comix Connection," Elgin Bolling
a.k.a "The Subwaysurfer" shares with the reader his unique insights
into the arts of caricature and cartooning. Based on his many years of
experience drawing live in New York City, from underground subways to
black-tie galas in high-rise penthouses, Bolling shares his extensive
knowledge of this enigmatic subject, with abundant wit and humor. Here
you'll learn his practical solutions and original theories that will
have you thinking like a caricaturist. All presented here in a highly
entertaining format, and backed up with numerous caricatures,
cartoons, and illustrations. Prepare to have some fun! Highly
recommended for both the novice and the seasoned professional. No
matter what you might have already read on the subjects of caricature
and cartooning, you can't afford to miss the mind of The Subwaysurfer!

Chris Collins
Graphic Designer and Photoshop Educator


Keelan Parham said...

What? Not even a slight tip of the hat to me and Caricature Connection? ;D

Looks like a fun book, Elgin.

Elgin Subwaysurfer Bolling said...

I thought the cartoony style of drawing was a nod enough! The book is pretty fun, and affordable thanks to technology! Hope you enjoy your copy.