Thursday, June 16, 2011

Gary Vaynerchuk Cartoon Caricature By Subwaysurfer

If you dont know who GARY VAYNERCHUK is, you have no business being online. Go and ask your parents permission if you need to be on here.
Im not going to give you a bunch of Gary Stats here. If you wanna know exactly who is he and what he's done and why it's important, that you will do the homework on him, and trust me you will be pumped before youre even three quarters done finding out.

I love Gary because hes what i call a Noo Yawk guy by default! He's from Jersey, but had enough of that Big Apple flavor for me to called him an honorary New Yawker. The first time I heard Gary speak, I thought I was listening to Joe Peshi from Goodfellas. I'm sure he gets that a lot. In reality, when I close my eyes he sounds like a thousand other guys from Brooklyn nabes like Bay Ridge, Canarsie, or Bensonhurst.   Gary has this In your face, take no prisoners, idiot proof way of speaking that even a moron can understand. His blue collar work ethic is more than inspiring, and his rags to riches story (taking his family's history into account) reads like a blue collar fairytale come true. Only Gary's living the fairytale.... which is real. And so can you.  If yew do whut he sez, and boy does Gary Say a LOT!   WARNING you may not appreciate the ... er... "Colorful" way Gary Says some things but you are guaranteed to UNDERSTAND his message once he's done.

You can get your very own cartoon/Caricature avatar for your social media pages, E Newsletters, Blog Article Posts, and Ebooks just like this one i did of Gary. You can DEFINITELY CRUSH IT and stand out in the crowd of everyone using their photos or clipart.  Just  me a jpeg of you with front , side and three quarter view. Tell me the business you're in, and /or what youd like to be doing and I will draw your caricature faster than you can say CRUSH IT!.... okay... I know... im getting redundant....
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