Thursday, October 06, 2011

Live Caricature drawing of man with a big Chin

There are those times at alive gig when all the planets align perfectly the wind is at your back, and you're pumping adrenalin in just the rift amount...annnnnnnd the perfect subject sits in front of you. I had this experience at a gig I did for the prestigious Hampton Classic horse show a few weeks ago. In fact, the gig was exactly the following week that Hurricane Irene touched us here on The East Coast.

I drew this with a Tombo Brush pen, and an indigo Primacolor art Stixx on 8X11 card stock. in three minutes flat. It was pure perfection, and started me on a five hour roll that left me feeling energized, and a little richer at the end.


If you notice, on the upper left corner if the caricature is a printed copy of the company logo. This serves as an advertisement that stays in front of the person as long as they have their picture, and believe me, they keep these pictures. Why not use me to promote your business or special event?

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