Friday, October 07, 2011


Hands down, Jessie is the best Vocal coach IMO on Brett Mannings wildly successful and informative singing success site. What makes Jessie such a great teacher is his no nonsense, yet unconfrontational teaching style. Jess gives clear analogies to explain complex vocal theory, demonstrates the exercises in a way that's easy to follow, tells you what you are likely to have difficulty with, and tells you what you should be thinking as you practice. He has certainly helped expand my vocal performance, and while there are many fine coaches on Singing Success, I encourage everyone to check out Jessie first.

Jessie Has a great look. The first thing that you notice are the eyes. Penetrating and dark, like a bird of prey. Firey,intense, and intelligent. He also has this edgy scruffy look that reminds me of the punk rockers ago that populated the village in NYC. These were the tough unpredictable, cool white guys that the brothas respected, cause you never know what they would do.....Jessies vocals are the same way. Unpredictable, strong, and ferocious.

I didn't set out to actually draw Jessie at first! I was listening to one of his sessions on The Singing Success site, and was randomly sketching his face with a dry black Tombo brush marker. I liked the scruffy result.

I would love to do a CD cover in this style as a way of thanking him....who knows? In the online works anything can happen!

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