Thursday, February 23, 2012


Recently on a LINKEDIN forum post, a member posted the eternal question, "WHAT IS TE PURPOSE OF LIFE?" 

As you might expect, the variety of comments touched on the theological, esoteric, philosophical and everything in. Between. This is definitely a question I find myself contemplating on some level, more often as I grow older,and as my vitality begins to dissaate somewhat. Here is one of the answers I came up with. 

The purpose of life is to be ACTIVELY LIVING IT. When we study any other life form we see that there is MOVEMENT, there is PROGRESSION. We see this in plants, we see this in animals and we see this in children especially. Children are anxious for growth to the point of recklessness! They run they jump, they love movement, they are nt hesitant but fearless. There's a deep lesson in that. I don't feel any of us were meant to live a life of hesitantcy or self consciousness always been overly concerned about how we are looking, how we are performing on the worlds stage in front of others. We tie ourselves up in so many knots trying to "please them" when in many cases we don't even. KNOW. Them, so why should we care.

My only regret is not having learned this sooner wen I was younger.

It's true.

Youth really is wasted on the young.

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Thomas said...

You're getting introspective in your old-age Elgin.

In a discussion with a Marist Brother, he asserted that the single most important purpose of life was to tend to one's soul. That in the span of eternity, it was what counted. This--of course--didn't preclude "living", but is certainly food for thought.

Knowing that each day is a gift and not wanting to waste it is what you're getting at and I agree. It seems to me that if everyone got on that program, this would be a wonderful world.

BTW: Nice job on the pipeline sketch for the Wave. At some point, you'll have to get some sort of capacitive brush so that you'll be able to get some pressure sensitivity. I hear there will be a slate of them out within the next year. May even tempt me to get my hands on one of them thar--ipad thingies.