Thursday, August 23, 2012


okay I KNOW that someone, SOMEWHERE is going to be offended by this picture so let me explain it right now before the fire starts, and even though I give an explaination I realize that sadly, I still wont satisfy some people......sigh.....
First off, Im a caricature artist. As such I make fun of FACES... not RACES, and EVERYONE gets slammed, especially when I see a face that reallllllly deserves it. Im not trying to be mean or make a statement just having fun visually with what I see at the moment. I notice also that some groups of people seem to be highly sensitive to being made fun of to the point of wanting to take serious issue with a drawing that was not meant in spirit to be derogatory. This happened to me once with a certain NYC Queens Congressman... but thats another story....

In learning to exaggerate, I sometimes see people as animals. I figure since there facial structure or vibe reminds me of a particular mammal, fowl, reptile, or fish, ill just draw them along those lines. It makes the caricature more powerful. Below is a picture of a young man I saw a few years back in Starbucks. he looked sooooo ridiculously ape like that I could NOT resist drawing him him full on as a Simeon!

Hope you guys especially my fewllow African Americans can appreciate this for what it is. Humour. If you attach anything else to it, Its YOU. not ME. Im just having fun.

Whether you agree or not, I DO welcome your responses or criticisms though!


Go Share Your Faith said...

You are good.
Can I comment on the race part of it?

The whole "African American Monkey race" connection is because of the idea of started there. It USED TO BE TAUGHT IN SCHOOL if you can believe that.

I'm a Christian and I believe that there is only ONE race...the human race. There ARE NO colors....only shades of brown skin...we are all humans made in God's image.

We all deserve respect.

Rant mode off :)

Elgin Subwaysurfer Bolling said...

Can't you verify that fact that this was taught in schools? As an African American myself, people get reallly upset when you equate their appearance to that of a's understandable to an extent, but then I think objective,y of how some Whites look "monkey like" like frmer President Bush. I co pare certain faces to different animals. For instance if you look real close Presdent Obama looks kind of like a cross between a Camel and a Lama! It's nt always a racial slur sometimes a face is just funny....