Saturday, September 06, 2008

Kool Asian "gangsta" on the Subway

Sorry that this is so rough, but if I cleaned up the sketch it would really lose a lot of the raw energy I was able to get into it. I saw this Koooooool Asian dude lookin' totally "gangsta on the subway the other day. He had the cold , "i'll kick a bone out ya butt" thousand mile , Bruce Lee stare thang down pat, and just oozed koolness and menace. I did this quickly in pencil, tried to clean it up , but figured it was fine the way it was. I can remember on several ocassions how Asina people have complimente me on the way I depict them. "you draw us like individutalss" and NOT like the stereotype, I've heard them say. Little do they know that i was ONE of those artists who DID draw them like a stereotype! I learned to actually SEE them thanks to instruction from, Kenly Dillard ....once again...

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