Saturday, September 06, 2008

Kenly Dillard is too ###&&** GOOD!

I have this "love hate" artistic relationship with fellow caricature artist/partner in crime kenly Dillard.Not only is he a great caricature artist, but he draws this "cutie pie" children's art that makes parent blush and go "awwwww!" as they start reaching in their pockets to give him dollars. This particular painting, done in watercolor was displayed on his street caricatue stand, and w2as so delightful that one patron brought it outright for 50.00 bucks.
I was green with envy but had to give the kid his due. Its one heck of a good painting, and it only took him ten minutes to do. We're both collaborating on a book thats coming out soon. I figured i rather have him as a friend than an enemy!
All jokes aside for those of you who dont know Kenly, Sketchoholic Dillard was the guy who trained me to be a street artist, and helped me with my exaggeration in the early days. But i have yet to do this "cutie pie stuf as well as he dows.

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