Monday, November 24, 2008

Illustration Sketch SUBJECT: OPINION

I recently discovered a great site called, "illustration Friday" that posts a weekly topic, like the site, "Art Jumble" does, and you are free to illustrate it. I love participating in these things as it keeps your illustration skills sharp, helps create a body of work, and for me, as a caricature artist, gives context to some of the faces that Ive drawn randomly on the train. The most recent topic is OPINION so here's my take on it.

When you have TWO opinionated people talking to each other, it's no longer a conversation, it's a war of words emotion and sound! better duck and cover! I drew these two fellas on the subway a few months back, and it seemed to fit the topic of OPINIONS for this week.

Some people are SO opinionated that they have to stretch their mouths open to make sure they get ALL their opinions out!...Do YOU know someone like that??

1 comment:

Cock Yer Doodle said...

Why yes, I do!
Love your style. I especially like the mouth stretcher.