Tuesday, April 28, 2009

blast from the past, but this time with pizzazz!

You may remember seeing this picture in a previous post a few years back in blk and wht. I colored it in today and wanted to display it again. This is hands down my all time favorite caricature as it brings back fond memories. It was done a couple of summers back when I took an artistic leap out of my caricature comfort zone and began experimenting with extreme exaggeration. I still remember staring at it for a long time after it was done unbelieving that I had actually pulled it off,and also remember wondering if i could do something similar again. Ive since proven that I could, but you'll always remember your "first". I originally did this in black and white and always knew it would pop out in color since the gurl I was drawing had bright greenish bluish hazel eyes red hair and freckles.

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