Sunday, May 17, 2009

Gee, I wish Id done THAT!

there are times at gigs where I do an absolute fantastic job drawing a caricatue, take a snapshot, only to see it and wish that I'd done it better. In the case of this pic here, I definitely saw things in the face i could have drawn differently and tried my hand at redewing it.

The original party pic is at the top there, drawn in three minutes with prismacolor art stixx and a crayola marker. I noticed looking at the subject later that he had a loooong chin comparitively speaking, but I ran out of verticle space to express it properly, so had to extend it horizontally. It was still a good likeness and he loved it, but i felt frustrated that i couldnt get a KILLER likeness that was more exaggerated. I try as much as possible to redraw faces immediately following a party to test my memory skills and also to practice extreme exaggeration. I sometime drop the likeness completely, as is evidenced by the final drawing I did, but that's all part of the whole learning process.

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