Wednesday, December 02, 2009

The Brilliant Professor Charles Brown Concordia University

I had the pleasure of meeting Professor Charles Brown, M.M.
Assistant Professor of Music
Director, Choral Activities
at Concordia University recently, and this is my first attempt at doing his caricature, as promised, from memory. I had a bad pic to work with but was determined to do what I promised, so this is my FIRST attempt!
While in Chicago I had the pleasure of hearing Kapelle, Concordia’s choral performance ensemble, which Professor Brown conducts, and which my son and daughter are members. A little known fact about the surfer is that in addition to art, one of my passions are music and I sung to my kids ever since they were toddlers and apparently they inherited the gift although I'd be first to admit they are both much better singers than I am.
The Kapelle group tours extensively in the United States and abroad, and has over five recordings with one currently in production. I cant wait for THAT one as my son performs a solo on it! Dr. Brown, this caricature is for YOU! More to come...

In this caricature I wanted to portray him as an
"Evil musical genius"

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