Saturday, January 16, 2010

Chipmunk pencil test, turn cycle, spitting eyeout and back flip

The eyespitt/wiping mouth part was taken from Bruce Lee. I loved the way Bruce used to spitt out blood and wipe his mouth while looking at his opponent with contempt. I tried to get that same vibe on the chipmunk as he apat out the warrior's eye. The Backflip sequence was the very FIRST animation I did on the sequence and gave me a lotta confidence


sinner said...

aside from the cute figure =) the pencil strokes are neat and clear, there is not much of blots, though it's just a pencil test but the whole work is appealing. way to go!

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digital caricature

thank you!

Elgin Subwaysurfer Bolling said...

I had a habit of sending WIN, the lead animator on the project, work that was more or less, clean and finisthed looking that he could throw into flash and After Effects and work his magic. Since these were MY Characters also, I wanted them to retain a SPECIFIC look that I thought would "sell" the scene. Had I drawn them sketchy, like you sometimes get with roughs, I felt the lead animator would take the opportunity to put his "artistic spin" on it, and alther the illustration.